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By placing an order with Modum Worktops, you agree to the term and conditions listed below:
Please be aware that our products have a naturally variable finish in colour and pattern. We are not accountable for the change in our item's tone, as they are a natural product with a "living" finish. Consequently, all sales of our products are made with the understanding that copper, zinc & brass are as-is, basis regarding all aspects of the finish.
All our custom products are handmade, folded or soldered with minimal heavy machinery involved. If you are expecting the look of a typical stamped or CNC-manufactured product, we do not construct it that way. Even though we try our best, it is not probable to produce a bespoke item in the sizes and modifications that we do, press them, or form them seamlessly; you may be able to spot the seams with the naked eye.
We provide a "living finish" on our creations. We love the fact that it can and will alter over time; keep it how it is, and let the regular use and environment to allow the metal to continue to patina and add to its uniqueness over time. Under standard environments, copper, zinc & brass, especially indoors, will keep turning darker over time.
Visible impressions
Even though the sheets come straight from the mill, the metals used, by their nature, is a slightly soft material and may have some minor marks, indents & bruises in them from new. Some slight pitting might be detected wherever a welding or soldering process has taken place. This is quite a normal and natural by-product of the welding process and will blend in over time.
Process to order
All our items are made one at a time to custom sizes. We will email you a formal quote with all your specifications for you to confirm and return before we start the project. The quote is valid for two weeks. 

If, after templating, there will be any changes to sizes from the original quotation, the fitter will record it and forward it to the office for approval and recalculation. You will be informed in writing if there will be any changes in quoted costs.
Once you decide that you would like to put an order with us, we will book the templating day. Your kitchen units have to be in place for templates. Depending on your order amount, there will be a booking fee between £250-£1500, which is non-refundable in case of cancellation, but this money will go towards your final cost.
We require a 50% down payment (minus a booking fee) 5 days before the templating visit to order the needed metal and the final 50% on the installation day. If templating is less than five working days away, we would skip the booking fee and request the 50% payment, with the remaining 50% payable on installation. Please note that until full payment is made, it remains the property of Modum Design Ltd.

If there is anything inconsistent with your sales order, we will see and correct the issue by repair, replacement or refund as we deem appropriate. We reserve the right to have the opportunity to repair the item before we authorize a return.
On delivery, please carefully inspect your custom-made item and immediately outline any issue as we will not be held accountable for any defects identified after receiving a signed acceptance of delivery. Once our product is installed, we will stand by our work but will not be held accountable for removal or reinstallation charges.
You must raise any complaints or problems with the order on the day of delivery/installation, or you will incur an additional call-out charge.
Suppose we must complete any additional works on site that were not included in the original order, and that is but not exclusively due to issues related to other onsite trades. In that case, this, however, is at your own risk. We are not responsible for any problems that may occur going forward.
We cannot be held accountable for the state of use or the storage within a purchaser's household or how this may affect the bespoke surfaces in any way.
Late payments
We rely on your payments to reach us on the day of completion, the latest - the next day. And we find it very unpleasant to chase them. And although this is not what we would like to do, if your payment is not made within the terms set out above, Modum Design Ltd reserves the right to charge interest at 8% plus the Bank of England base rate on overdue fees. If we would have to send you a debt recovery letter, it will be charged at £15 per letter.
Also, you will accrue debt recovery costs: £40 for debts up to £999.99, £70 for debts between £1,000 and £9, 999.99 and £100 for debts of £10,000 or more.
Depending on size and complexity, some items may take several weeks of fabrication. Hand-making a custom copper, zinc & brass product takes time. We always ensure it's immaculate before delivering the product to you. Because we are a small custom business, our lead times differ based on how many orders we have lined up.
We produce products in the order that they were received, and typically we vary from six weeks of lead time. If you have particular factors where you need a project hurried, let us know, and we'll see if we can shuffle a few plans around to expedite your order.
If we provide you with a rough date for your product installation, remember that this is only a guesstimate, not a guarantee. We never scramble to finish a product at the expense of quality. Instead, we would take an extra day or two to ensure everything is perfect.
Please remember that the patina is custom-made; therefore, colour and pattern will vary from piece to piece.

After templating, once everything is finalized and you have given us a 50% down payment, we do not accept cancellations.
Returns and refunds
We manufacture each of our creations one at a time to your specifications. We will keep you informed of your order as it is in production. We do not release refunds on our products if everything is manufactured to your specifications stated in a final email. When you agree with the information/sizes via email, we will make your product according to the specifications discussed and written in order.
Colour, pattern variations
On request, we provide samples with different colour and pattern possibilities for you to choose from for your work surface. Due to the bespoke nature of the colour/pattern, there will be natural variations in colour and surface markings. Although we try our best, we can't give you a guarantee that the items provided will be an exact colour match regarding colour and pattern markings to those offered in the samples provided.
Copper, Zinc & Brass characteristics and products care
We recommend not using any chemicals or abrasives to clean your worktops. Particular basal or acidic foods will also get to the copper, zinc & brass. Based on the compound, it will cause individual levels of oxidation at the points of contact and will change the patina colour. The best way to take care of this is to wash with mild dish detergent and lukewarm water (not hot) and tap dry after every use. Water or other spots that are not rinsed and patted dry can cause a mark on the copper, zinc & brass.
The good thing about the natural finish is that it is always amendable, even for the client. If you get a spot, mark, or water ring, it can be lightly sanded with a scotch-bright pad and will re-patina by its very nature and blend back in. Spots or scratches on copper, zinc, or brass are extremely easy to repair. A spot or scratch will, over time, re-patina itself whether you sand it out or not. Also, be sure that hammered or darker patina items will help conceal and blend in any spot, ding or scratch, whereas a smooth and lighter product will show these more.
Imperfections, including slight scratches and watermarks, can be expected on your countertops.
They help to create the industrial charm of this rustic metal.
Please promptly wipe up any liquids or spills to prevent spotting and glass rings with paper towels. Please use trivets for hot plates, a chopping board for cutting etc.
For Patina finishes, sanding or buffing will, of course, remove scratches but will also remove the patina. Items like lemon or pineapple juice will remove the patina, but the living finish will change with wear and tear, and in time it creates a unique pattern of use that cannot be intentionally recreated. To acquire the full look, it may take up to a year.

Cleaning and care of Copper, Zinc & Brass worktops and upstands:

Chlorides such as bleach or everyday salt and acids of any kind can damage all grades of surfaces, so if a spillage occurs, rinse immediately and thoroughly with plenty of fresh water and then dry with a soft cloth.
To maintain your worktop's best appearance, only use warm water and mild soap, ensuring that the surface is cleaned thoroughly and then dried with a soft cloth.
Your worktops will oxidize over time and will tarnish by varying degrees. The variant patinas that appear (ring marks, discolouration, splashes etc.) will add its unique charm, and most people accept this will happen.
To protect your worktop, you can use "Jade oil."
Over time, once exposed to air, Copper, Brass and Zinc will age and change colour. Welded, soldered and cleaned areas could appear brighter and slightly different from the original sheet. Seams will mature and change colour over time along with the rest of the worktop — other things to note: copper, zinc & brass is a soft alloy, so it is easily scratched and marked. Once more, the distressed look gives the countertop uniqueness; however, copper, zinc & brass can usually be buffed up back into shape.

Our Warranty:

Our warranty covers the manufacturing and installation process only. It does not cover colour changes or any dents or scratches incurred after installation during use.
We offer to fix any issues with the workmanship if it goes wrong (for example, seams around the sink fail). 
We ask the client to sign off on the work done once the installation is completed and before we leave. If something did go wrong and it was clearly down to us, we would repair whatever is needed. 
Bonding. We do not recommend putting piping hot pans on the surfaces, which might affect the glue, although we haven't had any issues with it failing before. We will investigate our creation, and if it were down to how we stuck the metal down, we'd take responsibility, but it will depend on the outcome of the investigation. 

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