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Quality over Quantity

    Please take your time to look through our Copper, Zinc and Brass worktop gallery. Zinc has hygienic properties similar to copper and brass making it a perfect surface for food preparation. Modum Worktops creations are the inspiration that allows changing any space, giving individuality to your environment. Our products can be used everywhere it only depends on your imagination.


Natural zinc countertop
Zinc countertop - bar
Three meter copper splashback
Copper duo
Splashback in copper
Aged brass island
Aged Brass
Beautiful Brass splashback
Copper island
Copper splashback
Brass with under-mounted sink
Sharp lines
Unity. Warmth. Style
Copper breakfast bar
The joint
Island in zinc
Double width zinc island with joint
Brass in the kitchen
Tranquility - copper bar
Brass breakfast bar
Overlapping breakfast bar
Natural copper bartop
Zinc kitchen
Custom zinc countertop
Vanity unit
Natural patination
Brass bar
Custom Brass bar
Copper in the bathroom
Kitchen islan
Under-mounted sink
Copper kitchen
Industrial kitchen withzinc worktops
Brushed Copper splashback
Peninsula in zinc
Copper bar
Breakfast bar in copper
Zinc bar
Copper kitchen island
Zinc in Industrial kitchen
Zinc bar top
Copper ideas
Natural patination
Copper splashback
Zinc worktop with matching splashbac
Custom made zinc worktop
Folded copper on peninsula
Zinc island
Under-mounted sink in zinc worktop
Natural copper worktops
Zinc island
Zinc worktop with custom patina
Zinc drawers
Brass breakfast bar
Copper bar
Custom copper kitchen transformation
Aged copper tabletop
Copper worktop & up-stand duo
Aged Zinc countertop
Aged copper worktop
Copper island
Copper kitchen
Copper worktop
Brass counter-top
Zinc worktop with upstand
Copper island
Zinc worktop for residential home
Aged copper worktop
Copper worktop
Zinc splashback
Copper bar in London City
Designer Zinc breakfast bar
Copper shelve
Zinc worktop
Copper island worktop
Copper worktop
Zinc kitchen
Aged Copper worktop
Copper table
Aged copper worktops
Copper worktops, counter top
Aged/burned copper worktops
Copper studded worktop
Copper splash back
Aged/burned copper worktop
Copper shelve
Zinc kitchen worktops, splash backs
Rustic Copper worktop
Copper patina
Copper worktop
Copper windowsill
Zinc breakfast bar
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