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Quality over Quantity

    Please take your time to look through our Copper, Zinc and Brass worktop gallery. Zinc has hygienic properties similar to copper and brass making it a perfect surface for food preparation. Modum Worktops creations are the inspiration that allows changing any space, giving individuality to your environment. Our products can be used everywhere it only depends on your imagination.


Custom Copper bar

Radius Copper bar for residential home is real indulgence

Natural copper peninsula

Copper surface finished with radius corners. Besides creating more surface space, an island is also a way to add more storage.

Oversized Zinc island

Straight, crisp lines. Simple but loud!

Zinc kitchen worktop-bar

Bespoke creation to accommodate the existing kitchen lines

Zinc counter top -bar

Custom made Zinc kitchen worktop slash bar

Aged copper splashback

Bespoke copper splashback finished in custom patina

Bespoke brass kitchen island

Look at it! Brass island finished with custom wood-like patina

Ruler brass!

Brass island completed with wood - like patina & under-mounted sink cutout

Copper fireplace

Natural light bounces back of copper fireplace creating a stunning focal point of the room

Beautiful Brass splashback

Three piece splashback in brushed brass Ray of the sun in your home

Copper island with drop end

Hand folded copper Unique result

Copper splashback

All those little details, that make a immense difference to the outcome

Brass under-mounted sink

Worktop has hand brushed wood-like patina

Folded copper

This is an excellent example of our team craftsmanship abilities which speaks for itself

Relax. Unwind. Renew.

Peaceful and relaxed heart of the home

Overlapping copper

Natural copper surface bounces of the light creating cosy & warm space. So just pull up a stool and enjoy

Double width copper joint

Close up: The Joint

Zinc island with drop

Serenity. Kitchens today are the focal point of our homes. They are no longer designed as just functional spaces. It`s become our sanctuary

Double width zinc island

Almost seamless butt joint allows creating a double width zinc kitchen island

Brass breakfast bar

Alluring space - brass bar in the mirror finish. Meticulous attention to detail is second to none

Brass breakfast bar

Let's get showy with Brass in the Kitchen

Tranquility - copper bar

Beautiful example of copper aging naturally

Overlapping breakfast bar

How can we talk about this space without going over the top...


With its minimalist cabinetry, neutral colour palette, copper worktop & accents, this contemporary space have a subtle sophistication, that will never become outdated

Zinc bar

Lightly aged custom zinc kitchen- statement in the kitchen

Custom zinc countertop

Unique, lightly aged zinc worktop. Distinctive design simple outcome


The dark units mixed with the light reflecting copper worktop adds a bit of drama and class to the room

Vanity unit

Exclusive, one and only, handmade burned copper countertop for vanity unit for his and hers sinks. Its called master bathroom for a reason

Natural copper patination

Raw art Copper aging at its own paice what can be more captivating...

Brass bar

Aged brass bar Relax, Refresh, Recharge

Brass bar

Brass bar naughty corner. Let no one ever come to you without leaving Happier

Copper in the bathroom

Definitely, this bathroom has a WOW factor

Double width island

It`s perfect duo. Sapphire salute blue & double width copper island worktop finished with custom made patina

Under-mounted sink

Our hand folded copper, attention to detail

Copper kitchen

Large copper worktops brings so much character to heart of your home. Enjoy!

Industrial zinc kitchen

The kitchen`s one of the key element is worktops. Beautifully 100% handcrafted aged zinc worktops - craftsmanship at it`s best.

Brushed copper splash-back

Bright Copper splashback adds tons of character and light making kitchen the Heart of a Home

Zinc Peninsula

Beautiful kitchen complimented by bespoke zinc peninsula creating stunning space

Little details

Little details makes a immense difference to final outcome

Copper Breakfast bar

Alluring, hand crafted copper breakfast bar not only pleasing to the eye but functional too

Zinc bar

Details create a bigger picture Sanford I. Weill

Spectacular copper island

You can`t blend in when you`re born to stand out! Classic, warm and cosy

Zinc surfaces

From the beginning, the kitchen has to be functional and of course, look fabulous - that`s were, zinc steps in.

Little details

Zinc will age, and with time will develop patina, it`s OWN story

Copper details

Our signature folded worktop with custom corner detail - craftsmanship at its best

Natural patination

It is so captivating to observe the natural pace of copper changing into a piece of art and its happening in your kitchen!

Copper splashback

Bespoke Copper splashback finished with dark custom patina nicely compliments AGA

Zinc worktop & matching splashback

Finished with custom made patina Zinc worktop and splashback with wall storage system insert. One more idea for your kitchen

Natural zinc

Zinc has hygienic properties similar to copper, making it a perfect surface for food preparation

Long kitchen island

Our signature mark- hand folded copper for a free standing kitchen island, has that appealing rustic charm

Zinc island - simply beautiful
Under-mounted sink in zinc worktop

Zinc is a commercial-looking countertop material that’s got unique characteristics. Mainly because with time zinc, develops a unique patina.

Corner connection

Warmth - first thing that comes in the mind looking at naturally ageing copper worktops.

Zinc island

Soldered seams - eye pleasing finish

Zinc worktop with custom patina

Gorgeous zinc worktops & upstands finished with custom made patina, undoubtedly has high lovebitily apiel.

Zinc worktop with custom patina

Made to measure, zinc drawer fronts, paired up with brass handles.

Brass breakfast bar

Brass has that luxurious appearance that brings that expensive aspect to your home.

Aged copper bar

Bespoke, curved copper bar finished with hand made custom patina, nicely compliments existing worktop.

Optimized aged kitchen

Beautiful kitchen transformation with aged copper surfaces.

Aged copper tabletop

Copper table finished with custom patina nicely rests on bespoke brick work- This is one of its kind!

Copper worktop & up-stand duo

By nature antibacterial copper is a perfect choice for worktops as it’s easy to keep it hygienic.

Aged Zinc countertop

Bespoke breakfast bar brings rustic charm to white lines of this kitchen creating unique & distinctive statement.

Aged copper worktop

Lovely rustic kitchen united with bespoke Copper worktop makes huge fashion statement!

Copper island

Kitchen island has lots to bring to your kitchen design. That`s when copper steps in! Copper makes room "shine" with that incredible warmth once light bounces from the copper surface.

Curved edge sink cutout

Beautifully made, customised natural copper worktop with rounded edges to accommodated "belfast" sink.

Brass breakfast bar

If glam is your thing, look no further, Brass will fill all of the boxes.

Zinc in the kitchen

Zinc worktop, up-stands- flawless, clean lines, beautiful craftsmanship.

Studded copper island

Stunning, natural Copper Island combined with studded detail in the middle makes this copper worktop the centrepiece of the kitchen!

Zinc worktop for residential home

Our handmade Zinc worktop with rounded corner detail -irreproachable workmanship!

Burned copper

Bespoke copper worktop with rounded sink cut out. It`s unique colour created by using heat and some peculiar formula.

Butler sink in copper

Copper it`s a living metal which changes with the time developing it`s on unique patina. Oh and copper has antibacterial properties to help you to keep your food surfaces clean.

Copper bar in London City

Beautiful sleek lines follows into curved corner evolving into exceptional design.

Designer Zinc breakfast bar

100% hand made breakfast bar wrapped in zinc sheeting for bespoke kitchen look.

Copper shelve

Floating Copper shelve that`s another beautiful light reflecting design idea for your living room.

Radius corner

Zinc worktop with rounded corner detail. Handmade, bespoke, unique.

Hand folded copper

I adore this all-round metal, which is naturally antibacterial so perfect for use in a kitchen.

Bespoke copper top

Made-to-measure copper worktop for chest of draws, nicely brings up the beauty of the piece as a whole.

Zinc kitchen

Zinc worktops with rounded corners & splash backs for that very clean industrial look.

Aged Copper worktop

Aged copper worktop makes unforgettable impression. So be assured you have something to show off.

Copper table

Office boardroom table claded in natural copper. It shows that you mean business!

Aged copper worktops

Copper worktop with rounded edge sink cut out and matching unit handles. Unbeatable copper colouring

Copper worktops, counter top

Simple kitchen lines & aged copper worktop beautiful duo! Oh and antibacterial property of copper keeps your surfaces hygienic.

Aged/burned copper worktops

Close up of beautifully executed aged Copper worktop with matching cupboard door handles.

Copper studded worktop

Worktop with studded edge detail. Simple. Beauty lays in complicity do you agree?

Copper splash back

Copper is remarkably doable for a splash-back because it can easily put up with heat and oil splashes.

Perfect curve

Aged copper worktop with perfect rounded sink cut out unbeatable craftsmanship!

Clean Zinc lines

Beautiful clean lines - Zinc countertop with square sink cut out and splash back

Rustic Copper worktop

Rustic kitchen worktop in copper. With time it will develop its own unique patina which makes it special.

Burned copper

Aged copper worktop simple & functional - beauty

Studded detail on copper

Copper free standing table with middle seam and studded detail

Copper windowsill

This project demonstrates just how modern this material can be.

Custom zinc bar

Bespoke Zinc breakfast bar beautifully handcrafted to clients specifications by Modum Worktops team

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