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About Us

   We are a small business with passion and attention to detail.  Our speciality is designing, manufacturing, and installation of handmade bespoke Copper, Zinc, and Brass worktops, splashbacks, table tops, kitchen islands, bathroom vanity units. There is a possibility for the Copper, Zinc & Brass surface to have a natural or aged finish.


Copper, Zinc & Brass are one of the most hygienic natural living materials available on the market. Keep in mind that they are soft metals, and it may come with some little scratches from our supplier and will discolour a little with age developing the unique patina, but all of this only adds the charm to worktops.  Since Copper, Zinc & Brass has antibacterial properties itself only soft cloth, water, and mild soap will be needed for cleaning.


At Modum Worktops we make sure that our worktops made from the beginning to the end with highest quality and craftsmanship. We have the qualified team to help with any of your ideas no matter how small or big they are.

Our base is in Surrey, but we cover all over the UK, just bear in mind that additional charge for delivery may occur. Also, we provide manufacturing service only.


For more in-depth information about the bespoke options we offer or to discuss specific requirements in mind and would like to receive a no strings attached estimate, please



Brass counter top
Round copper worktop
Zinc worktop
Copper worktops
Rounded edge Zinc worktop
Distress copper worktop, semi sircle
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